Photos from The Next Web (TNW) conference in Amsterdam

May 27, 2018 - Dom Barnard

VirtualSpeech attended the TNW conference in Amsterdam on the 24th and 25th May 2018. Here are some photos from the event.

IBM at TNW conference

The IBM stand, with a heavy emphasis on IBM Watson. An interesting feature was their coffee machine - it asked you a series of questions about your personality and then made you a coffee based on your answers (using Personality Insights).

Accenture at TNW conference

Accenture displaying various technology at their stand, from the Microsoft Hololens to the latest consulting technology.

PWC at TNW conference

PWC had an interactive game at the heart of their booth. A Microsoft Kinect determined where your hands / arms were and you had to hit virtual bubbles which added up to the displayed number. It was way harder than it sounds.

Hubspot and Sendgrid at TNW conference

HubSpot and SendGrid booths located next to each other at the end of the indoor tent.

Indoor tent at TNW conference

Hundreds of mini booths were allocated to startups inside the main tent, with companies ranging from vertical farming to cryptocurrency to corporate storytelling.

VirtualSpeech at TNW conference

The VirtualSpeech booth inside the main tent.

Music game at TNW conference

A guitar hero style game at the centre of the trade show. This often drew large crowds as they hosted several tournaments throughout the day.

Stripe at TNW conference

Stripe located near the entrance of the conference. The unlimited smoothies and ice creams made it a popular location (as it was an extremely hot day).