Welcome to the VirtualSpeech Community Forum!

May 03, 2022

Today we are launching the VirtualSpeech Community Forum (beta).

After speaking with a number of customers, you told us that you'd love a way to encourage, learn, and grow together - and maybe even have a healthy level of competition between each other!

The Community Forum is a place where you can discuss your professional development, dive deeper into learning material from your VirtualSpeech courses, and learn new ideas from each other. It's a way of bringing like-minded people together to help everyone to reach their goals.

The Community is a place for support and discussion and is designed to enhance everyone's learning. Everyone's goals and journey to achieving them look different, and the Community brings like-minded people together to support each other.

You can use the Community to deepen your learning and specifically ask for feedback on a presentation, pitch, or difficult conversation you have coming up.

VirtualSpeech community forum

We ask that you give as much to the Community as you would like to receive, so if you see someone looking for advice, support, or feedback, please chip in with words of encouragement and improvement so we can all grow and learn together!

When you post to the Community, you're posting on a forum that is public to everyone in the VirtualSpeech Community, so please be mindful of your responses and do not post any confidential information.

How to get started

When you've enrolled on the All Access program or an individual course, you can access the forum through the online learning portal, alongside your courses and practice exercises.

Community guidelines

The safety of the Community is our top priority. We have strict guidelines on Community values and etiquette, including being welcoming and respectful to others.

We trust the Community to be a friendly space where everyone has the opportunity to learn from each other and share common goals.

If you encounter any interactions that go against these guidelines, you can easily report the post. If behavior or comments go against the guidelines, the post or comment, and maybe the whole account, will be instantly removed.

Have your say

This Community was built for you, because of your feedback. If you'd like to get in touch with the VirtualSpeech team to provide feedback, suggestions, or just want to say hello, we always love hearing from you.