VirtualSpeech App Guide

Learn about the features, rooms and courses available within the VR app to help improve your business and communication skills.


Welcome to the VirtualSpeech app guide! We have developed features, environments and courses in this virtual reality (VR) app to help you improve your public speaking and business skills. This guide describes all the different features and rooms within the app, so that you’ll know how to get the most out of them. You can always contact us or visit our FAQ page if you have any additional questions.

Watch tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

Getting Started

App Download

Download the VirtualSpeech app from the app store:

Follow the instructions in the menu when the app loads up. When you enter the VR main menu, securely insert your phone into your VR headset and put your headset on.

VirtualSpeech Code

If you have a VirtualSpeech app code from purchasing one of our courses or from your employer, follow these instructions to unlock the VR content:

Gear VR users: Once you start the Gear VR version of our app, you'll be in a virtual main menu - press the enter code button and enter the code using the virtual keyboard.

Android and iPhone users: Enter your code in the ‘Enter Code’ section of the start menu. This will unlock VR content within the app.

VirtualSpeech enter code to unlock courses in app

Note that only the 'Enter Code' field is compulsory.

Once you enter the VR main menu, the additional content will begin downloading and a download progress bar will be shown. We recommend downloading this content over Wi-Fi as the file is large (~35MB).

VR content download in app

Try not to enter any environments when this download is in progress. Visit our website for more information about the code and how to get one. Note: you only have to enter your code once to unlock the features.

Premium Content

Some of the VR content and features are available only to users who have purchased a code to unlock the content. This includes VR courses, the TEDx styled theatre and speech insights. You will need a code to unlock the VR content as described above.

Enter & Exit Rooms

To enter a room from the VR main menu, aim at the room icon and either hover over it for 3 seconds or press your VR headset trigger. When you aim at the room icon, a blue circle will start rotating to indicate that you are aiming at it.

VR main menu in the VirtualSpeech app

In order to exit a room, aim at the exit icon and either hover over it for 3 seconds or press your VR headset trigger. Depending on which room you were in, you should appear in the Main Menu or Courses Menu.

Exit a VR environment in the app

Calibrate Phone with Headset

Note: This is only required if you have a mobile VR headset which you cannot manually adjust the focus for. For example, with the Merge VR, you can move the lens positions manually so you can skip this step.

If you find that your experience is a bit blurry, you can sync your phone to your headset for a higher quality immersive experience. This allows you to change the focus through software instead of hardware.

Environments & Rooms

Note: these are only the core rooms. The VR courses contain unique rooms and experiences which are not described here.

VR Main Menu

This room allows you to navigate to the various rooms and courses in the app. Hover over an icon and either wait 3 seconds or press your device trigger to enter the room.

VR main menu in the VirtualSpeech app

Conference Room

This is the largest audience we currently have and is ideal to really test your speaking skills. You can upload your own slides, turn sound distractions on or off, have the option of a transcript you can read, record your voice and receive instant feedback. Feedback is given for your use of hesitation words, volume, pitch, and speed. There’s also a screen in front of you so that you don’t have to keep turning around to see your slides. This room is great for testing your limits and practicing for a conference or speech.

Practice presentation skills in realistic VR conference room

Meeting Room

This is more personal than the conference room and your audience is closer to you. As with the conference room, you can upload your own slides and receive instant feedback. You can save your speech and upload it to VirtualSpeech for more in-depth feedback. This is the best room if you want to practice for a pitch, a team meeting, or delivering a small presentation.

Practice presentation skills in realistic VR meeting room

TEDx Styled Room

This is the largest room you can practice in and is designed in the style of a TEDx event. This room has a unique feature - speech insights. After you have given your speech, you will receive scores of how your audience are likely to perceive you based on what you said. This room is perfect for when you’re preparing to speak at a big event.

Speak in our TEDx room for preparation

Interview Room

Here you can find general job interview questions and questions that have been asked at specific companies. For example, we have 40 questions from Google and Goldman Sachs interviews, and 20 questions for McKinsey, Apple, Tesla Motors, Procter & Gamble, and Microsoft. This is the best place to practice for an important interview you have coming up at your current company or when looking for a job elsewhere.

Answer real company interview questions in VR

Wedding/ Occasion Room

Practice for an informal speech in this beautiful and bright environment. This room is best for preparing for an informal speech at a wedding, conference, or party. You’ll be presenting in front of about 30 people.

Practice your best man speech or groom speech in realistic VR environment


Here you can practice in a realistic classroom environment. This is ideal for users preparing for a communications or public speaking class, a train the trainer event or if you need practice speaking in front of your classmates.

Talk to students and pupils in our virtual classroom

Networking Room

You can find the networking room in the ‘VR Courses’ section. Practice your listening skills with our realistic avatars to help you remember information about people at networking events. Listen carefully as you talk to different people because you’ll be quizzed about what they said to you.

Improve networking skills in our VR networking rooms

Read more about these rooms and others here: VirtualSpeech App Core VR Training Rooms

VR App Features

The VirtualSpeech app contains various features to help improve your business skills.

Voice Analysis

This feature is available in the Conference Room and Meeting Room.

Detailed Feedback

This feature is available in the Conference Room and Meeting Room, for users who have purchased one of our courses.

Speech Insights

This feature is available in the ‘TEDx’ Styled Room and as part of the Public Speaking course.

Presenting in the TEDx styled theatre with speech insights

Upload Your Own Slides

Android (including Gear VR)

Watch the tutorial video or follow these instructions:

> With a USB connection

> With an email attachment


Watch the tutorial video or follow these instructions:

> With iTunes and a USB connection

> Without iTunes (with an email attachment)

To change your slides within the app, hover over the Next or Previous buttons and either wait 3 seconds, or press your VR headset trigger. You can also hover over the slide and press your device trigger to change to the next slide.

Small fonts can be hard to read in VR - we recommend using 24 point as the minimum size.

Add presentation slides into the virtual room to practice with

Uploading multiple presentations to the app

If you have uploaded multiple presentations to the app, you can choose which one is loaded into the virtual room. To do this, enter the ‘Presentations, Progress and Awards’ room, press the ‘Presentations’ button and pick the presentation you want to practice with.

Select a presentation to practice with in the virtual app.

Feedback Statistics

Watch Speaking Tips

Interview Room

Next interview question to answer in VR

VR Courses

The app contains courses on various business topics. Each course contains several VR experiences to help build your skills on the course topic. We currently have five courses, each with 3-5 VR experiences.

Develop business skills with VR courses

Overview: VR Courses & Experiences

Public Speaking

Interview Preparation

Business Networking

Mindfulness Meditation

Sales Training & Strategy

Accessing the Courses

In order to access the VR courses, you’ll need to enter your unlock code as mentioned in a previous section.

Detailed: VR Courses & Experiences

Public Speaking (Course link)

  1. Eye contact training
    • Improve your eye contact and connect with the audience. As part of this course, we'll show you a heatmap of where you're looking and where you should shift your focus to, for greater impact.
  2. Sound and visual distractions
    • Successful speeches require focus and it's easy to get distracted. Learn how to deal with various sound and visual distractions, including mobiles phones ringing, audio feedback from speakers and flare lighting.
  3. Impromptu speaking
    • Our fun game lets you practice quick-thinking by talking about a series of random slides for 30 seconds each. You'll be able to give speeches at short notice and answer questions more easily with this brain training.
  4. Speech insight analysis
    • Use cutting-edge technology to receive feedback on 15 different areas of your speech, such as persuasiveness, aggression, and openness. Great for understanding how your audience are likely to perceive you.

Interview Preparation (Course link)

  1. General interview questions
    • Grow your confidence and interview skills by answering common interview questions in front of a panel of interviewers. You can select questions from specific industries and practice as often as you like.
  2. Company specific interview questions
    • Practice quick-thinking by answering real interview questions that have been asked at companies such as Google, Apple, Dreamworks, P&G and Deloitte.
  3. Interview scenarios of what not to do
    • Watch what NOT to do in an interview, from the interviewers perspective. This immersive 180° video shows you how arrogance, appearance, interruptions and vagueness come across in the interview.

Business Networking (Course link)

  1. Introduction to networking
    • Practice effective listening, eye contact and building rapport with multiple people at our virtual networking event. Learn the fundamentals of good networking in this VR training room so that you’re prepared for your real networking event.
  2. Advanced networking techniques
    • Enter our advanced training room to practice giving your elevator pitch, storytelling and how to end a conversation in a polite way. You can also test your listening skills with a quiz at the end of the course about the people you met.
  3. Impromptu networking
    • Practice quick-thinking by talking about a series of random business related slides for 30 seconds each. This will help you practice networking with anyone, by being able to talk about a wide range of topics.

Mindfulness Meditation (Course link)

Practice being in the moment in our calming 360° environments. You'll be guided through a relaxing meditation while each carefully selected environment around you changes. You can choose environments suited for your own needs - from a calm and peaceful lake to the more externally thought-provoking Alexandra Palace scene.

Sales Training & Strategy (Course link)

  1. Sales pitch and presentation
    • Improve your sales pitch and presentation in front of potential buyers. We'll analyse your pitch using voice analysis and you'll be able to load in your own presentation slides to practice with.
  2. Trade show or exhibition event
    • Selling at a trade show booth is hard. We've designed an exhibition simulation to let you practice selling your product to potential customers, so that you'll be more prepared for the real event.
  3. Selling at a conference
    • Present your idea, product or business in front of over a hundred audience members. Learn to cope with nerves, audience and lighting distractions while presenting.
  4. Body language and rapport building
    • Practice active listening, eye contact and building rapport with multiple people at our virtual networking event. Learn the fundamentals of sales networking with our realistic VR experience.
  5. Product press release
    • Speak at a press release to virtual reporters from across the globe. This scene includes photographers, camera crews and journalists to test you to the extreme.


For a more detailed FAQ section, visit our FAQ page.

Why is my scene drifting?

Unfortunately some users experience drifting scenes within virtual reality apps. Most of the issues seem to occur on iPhones. This could be related to sensors within mobiles not being calibrated accurately. To overcome this, you can restart your phone or try laying your phone flat on a table while the app is running - this can re-orientate the sensors.

Do I need a VR Headset for this app?

You'll need a VR headset to make the most of our app. The headset immerses you in the environments for experiential learning. If you don't already have one, contact us on and we can direct you to a suitable one for your budget and requirements.